A La Mode is a fundraiser for the Grand Junction Horizon Sunrise Rotary Club.  We use these funds to help the following beneficiaries.

CASA of Mesa County – Court Appointed Special Advocates

CASA of Mesa County is a non-profit organization that trains volunteers to serve as a child’s voice in court, when the child is a victim of abuse or neglect. Their goal is for every abused child in Mesa County to have a voice in court through dedicated volunteers*. *From

Dictionary Project

This annual program provides age-appropriate dictionaries to third graders in Mesa County. The children keep the dictionaries to enhance learning when not in school. Local Rotarians volunteer their time to deliver and present them to the children.                                                                                                                                                                                                                        

Grand Junction Imagination Library (GJIL)

GJIL believes every child deserves to get started on the right page! GJIL provides a free, brand-new age-appropriate book every month for children (birth to five years of age) residing in 81501, 81503, 81504, 81505, 81506 and 81507*. *From

 Medicine: Arm-in-Arm, Inc.

Founded in 1999, this non-profit corporation utilizes volunteer professionals to provide free, onsite medical, surgical, and educational services to disadvantaged individuals in the U.S. and throughout the developing world. Horizon Sunrise Rotary has provided funding for sterilization equipment and dental supplies in South Africa, Swaziland and Armenia*.


Spellbinders® is dedicated to restoring the art of oral storytelling to connect elders to youth, weaving together the wisdom of diverse cultures throughout time. Our storytelling program recreates this age-old tradition, bringing together young and old to create connections, advance literacy and enrich the lives of children and volunteers alike*.